Saturday, January 9, 2010

Di-Gize Oil for Colicky Babies

I love Di-Gize oil for my whole family, and it really helps Aidan's colic. Thanks Candi!

Di-Gize oil by Young Living on the bottom of his foot helps colicky babies A LOT! In my experience, in the midst of a colic attack, I can continue to breastfeed him within 30 minutes of application, after which he drops off to sleep.
An article on Di-Gize:
I personally put this on Aidan's foot with either coconut oil or olive oil. One or two drops is usually sufficient.
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You could also try other digestive type blends from other companies (Butterfly Express, Native American Naturals, etc) or even blend your own.  Just remember to put coconut oil on first for the sensitive foot of your baby.

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