Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kindle Love

I used to be so pro-old school. Still have about 10 bookcases with books double deep. But since i started my website Ever Naturally, I have about 2000 natural health reference based (usually $12.99-$24.99 print books) plus another 500 or so fiction books (also usually have print versions too) plus another 500 various books on various subjects. A virtual library worth thousands upon thousands of dollars - all for free. Most of those books are either in my kindle cloud or I've downloaded them and put them on disks. (you can pretty much fit a few thousand books on just one dvd-r). I have about 500 books on my kindle - that I can just slip in my purse and take with me anywhere. Yep, I have fully converted to the kindle religion. Its just plain awesome.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Sharing Essential Oils with Friends

Another way to go to try essential oils is to buy a few drops from a friend or an aromatherapist (+some money for her trouble) and put in a roller bottle or spray bottle with fractionated coconut oil. In the past, I have had no money for oils, but I found that I can have a few blends this way and that was the only way I could afford them. This way everyone wins and paying it forward, etc. 
I find a rollerball with 6-10 drops of oil will last us about a month, even longer if its not an often used blend. For those who want to share the joy of essential oils with their friends - tell em - you buy the roller balls and fractionated oil - and I'll give you a few drops for each one. Its good too for sharing blends and trying blends that one person has and the other does not (bartering). Sharing the LOVE of essential oils.......

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Proper Dilution of oils:
2-6 drops in a rollerbottle full of coconut oil for kids
10-30 drops in a rollerbottle full of coconut oil for adults

Anything more is  wasteful (and who wants that?) and can lead to oil sensitivity.

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