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A Giveaway

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My Giveaway:
In the spirit of the fantastic (but extremely evil) Fall Giveaway from Rocks in My Dryer (hosting another great giveaway with hundreds of bloggers) I decided to host my very first giveaway. I'm very new to this incredible world of blogs. My website has only been up for about a month! But I'm learning more and more about blogs all the time - its very addictive!
Melissa's Research Link's First Giveaway
Open only to US and Canadian residents.
Shipping included.
Drawing will be November 3rd.

What's up for grabs:

*a Variety Sampler pack of Yogi Tea (40 packets) (a $10 value). An example:

*2 back issues of Mothering Magazine, full of helpful pregnancy articles.
Brand new -never been read -
Nov/Dec 2004 -How to help kids by media savvy & Classic toys - We review our Favorites
Jul/Aug 2006 - Why we need a Breastfeeding culture & Lunch box recipes

137.jpg View details ››
Issue 137
CODE: bi-137

Issue 137 - July/August 2006
Why We Need a Breastfeeding Culture
The Soundtrack of Motherhood
You Want to Pierce What?
Taking Down the Almighty Bottle
The Lively Lunch Box
Strokes of Genius

Price: $4.50

127.jpg View details ››
Issue 127
CODE: bi-127

Issue 127 - Nov/Dec 2004
Classic Toy Review
Help Kids Be Media Savvy
Turtle Women
Breastfeeding After Surgery

Price: $4.50

Add to cart

*2 back issues of Above Rubies Magazine, full of helpful family articles

*2 back issues of The Week - one of the best news digest magazines around - I love it because it allows me to talk to adults with "adult" conversations instead of "kid" conversations.

Brand NEW Hard Cover Children's Book - Picture OR Chapter -your choice

*Newbery Winner - Kate DiCamillo's TALE OF DESPEREAUX, one of the sweetest stories ever.

*New York Times Best Illustrated winner - Doreen Cronin's DUCK FOR PRESIDENT, perfect
for the upcoming election year.
Duck for President (New York Times Best Illustrated Books (Awards))

There will be Two Winners - One for the Tale of Despereaux and One for Duck for President. Both will receive the tea and the magazines. These two winners will be randomly chosen. let me know which drawing you want to be entered - The Picture Book Giveaway or The Chapter Book Giveaway.

All you need to do
to enter is leave a comment about which one of my blog pages is the most helpful to you/your favorite. That will help me out a lot to know which subject to explore next. Just click on any of the subjects in Labels or Archives. Thanks!

If you would like another entry - a second entry - to win:
  1. Write a blog post linking to this post (not the main blog), sharing a blurb with your readers about the giveaway and be sure to encourage them to enter as well. If you do not have a blog, you may still enter by emailing 5 of your friends and using the cc function to me at melissaneece [at] yahoo dot com.
  2. Once you have your post up, come back and comment. Leave the permanent link to your post - this is not the link to your blog but the exact link to your blog post.

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Public School Help

As a former teacher, there are many public school stories, both good and horror. There are quite a few Christian teachers as there are liberal. But one thing that a lot of parents don't know is that Parents hold much of the Power. If you ever have a problem at school, this is what you should do.

As a teacher, I was helpless to do a lot of things. Parents would complain to me, as if I could do anything. For the sake of my job, I couldn't just tell them, go to the administration. Complain to them. Complain to their supervisors. Put it all in writing. Schools are a big believer in documentation. If you write a letter, that letter will go into a file. It will be looked at, usually by several people. By law or policy, they are not allowed to throw it away. And don't just write a letter to the school. Send a copy to the town isd/administration office, and make sure you show a cc on both letters to show that you sent a copy to both the school and the administration. I have seen the letters of parents who did this, and a lot got accomplished.

Also, and this is extremely important, always, always dress up whenever you go to school. And I mean, look like a complete professional like you work in a law office. So many school officials are completely condescending and dismissive of women who dress casually to an ARD, a school meeting, a PTA meeting, a parent/teacher conference, etc. Always look like you have a couple of PHDs, even if you don't. Always look like you have power, even if you don't. Buy a suit (even at a resale shop, even if its the only suit you have in your closet) and wear it to the school, especially in a confrontational meeting.

A good uniform would be a black skirt (right at the knee, definitely NOT full, more of a suit skirt), an ironed white buttoned down shirt/blouse (no t-shirts), a gold chain or pearls, simple earrings, hose, and black pumps (that are polished). Wear makeup, perfume, dress your hair. This is definitely considered a power uniform of someone to be reckoned with (think FBI, lawyers), and you can get away with wearing it several times.

Think of it as putting on warrior paint/clothes, as you are going there to protect your most precious possession, your children.

This uniform is especially good for any confrontational setting - a visit to the hospital to discuss your birthing plan, a visit to the doctor, a visit to a government office or a law office.

Dressing professionally especially applies in a inner city setting, where noone even knows you, but I have also worked in a small town school, and have seen the differences it makes when you dress to impress. People are going to be people, and first impressions make a huge impression, especially at schools. You are fighting for your children's rights, look the part.
Thought that might help someone who is having a hard time with the public school system.
I got out of that black hole of misery two years ago, after 6 years of teaching both small town (Ferris) and inner city (Dallas), and have never looked back.
Thank you God.

Heartland Bread Review

I just love this bread. I ate a slice at Candi's house, and then I had to eat another slice right away! (especially with butter and heated in the microwave for 10 seconds). So yummy! So I had to find out where she got this bread. Its at a cafe, right around the corner from her house. The bread company itself is based in Dallas. So I went to the Heartland Bread Cafe (on South Cooper at Sublett, in the same shopping village as Stein Mart and Dollar Tree) and ordered a sandwich (with cucumbers and avocado - yum!) and bought two loaves of bread (which I found out later is a whole dollar cheaper at the cafe than at Whole Foods market). Since I would never in my wildest dreams ever create homemade bread (wouldn't even know how to begin), this bread will just have to do. You should go by their store as soon as possible, and buy some of this incredible bread. (and no, they aren't paying me in any way, I just really love their bread! if you couldn't tell by this post!)

The Bread - I buy Honey Whole Wheat.

Home Page -

Menu -

Location -

5904 S. Cooper St. Suite #122 Arlington, TX 76017


817-465-8290 Fax

Mon-Fri 10:00-7:00

Sat. 10:30-3:30

The New Fall TV Season

As most know, I really enjoy TV, especially series with an overarching storyline. Here's my lowdown on this fall season. And all shows can be seen free online on their respective tv station websites.

First of all, 2 shows that I always recommend to people who rarely watch TV:

Bones - love the conversations between the Catholic Boothe and the athiest Bones. Love their relationship dynamic. And of course, love how they solve the mystery.
Tuesday nights 7PM Fox
Numb3rs -CBS - great Jewish family dynamic between the two brothers and the father. And of course, for a girl who was never good at math, his way of solving the mystery with math is fascinating.

Now to the New Shows:

Pushing Daisies - ABC - Sweet, sweet, sweet. Quite lovely. Narrated and sounds like and very similar to a Roald Dahl movie/book. Very Quirky. Like it MUCH!

Journeyman - NBC - a time-traveling show - another way to do a show like Daybreak. but much better. Seems more like a movie, very well made. should continue to be interesting.

Bionic Woman - ABC - Great action show - and Kate Sackhoff (Kara Thrace on Battlestar Galactica) is on it!!!!!!!! Extremely well-made, looks like it got a lot of backing and promotion. Should be a winner this season.

Life -NBC - a cop trying to solve his own mystery of how he was framed for murder - great character-driven show. Feels like it should belong on USA. Team-solved murders - the best type of cop show. Look forward to seeing the next episode.

Moonlight -CBS - vampire show. 'nuf said. oh, and the guy who played Marshall in Alias is in it. :)

Gossip Girl -CW - a cross between the drama of The OC (fistfights and all) and the drama of Veronica Mars (especially as Kristen Bell narrates it - rumor has it Kristen will also appear on Heroes later this season, can't wait!) Also - how to tell when you are old - when you find the dads on these teenage shows to be hot.

Back to You -Fox - with Kelsey Grammar. not yet as good as Frasier, but it might just get there. good 30 minute comedy.

Reaper -CW - produced by Kevin Smith - those who like Kevin Smith movies should like this show. Its weird.

Chuck -NBC - similar to Jake 2.0 - seems like a fun show, premise is a bit unbelievable, but those who like spy shows on par with Jake 2.0 will also like this one.

Cane, Caveman, etc - sorry, not interested in even watching the pilot. Tell me if its good or not. And no, I usually don't watch all these shows, I just like watching all the new pilots, and picking up the best ones. Some shows I just save and watch the entire series in the summer.

Reality shows - the only reality shows I like are American Idol, Project Runway and Top Chef.

Big Shots-ABC - haven't seen it yet. Looks like one of those provocative cable shows.

Returning Shows:

Bones -FOX - Love this show. one of my favorites. Great characters, and great dialogue. David Boreanaz is Sealy Boothe. 'nuf said.

The Office -NBC - those who like potty humor movies like the latest Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller will definitely like this show. Also, there is a lot of subtle wit and humor that I find funny. But I mainly watch this show for Jim and Pam - and at last - they are together and so sweet and funny and cute!

How I Met Your Mother-CBS - so sharp, such witty dialgoue, such great characters, never boring. One of the only 30 minute shows I actually watch (besides the Office).

Heroes -NBC- shaping up to be just as interesting as last year. who would have ever thought the phrase "save the cheerleader, save the world" would be so good?
And Sark is on it! And Kristen Bell is coming!

Ugly Betty -ABC - What about Henry? Their romance was what was keeping me watching!

Smallville -CW- shaping up to be much more interesting than last season. Lots of Superman nods - thank you, thank you, keep them coming! Lana, please, please go away for real and hello, Lois, finally working at the Daily Planet!

Ghost Whisperer -CW- just about to watch this - this definitely has always reminded me of an 80s show with a 90s twist. And Jennifer Love Hewitt, well, she's just interesting to watch.

Friday Night Lights-NBC - a small Texas town high school football team and all the scandal you could ever possibly want. what could be more perfect?

Supernatural-CW - 2nd season way better than the first. hope they keep the momentum going.

Numb3rs -CBS - if you are not watching this show, there's something wrong with you.

Men In Trees -ABC- i wonder how the relationship dynamic will change now that they are officially dating in real life?

Cable Shows:

Blood Ties - on Lifetime - Vampire detective show - 'nuf said.

Lincoln Heights - on ABC Family -good decent family show. like it a lot.

Kyle XY -on ABC Family - decent, clean family show. love the romance between Kyle and Amanda - so sweet and beautiful!

Burn Notice - USA - you gotta Netflix this when it comes out on DVD. One of the best shows of the summer, and one of Kevin's favorite shows.

BBC Robin Hood - I have always loved Robin Hood stories since I was a little girl, and this one is one of the best. When it comes out on BBC be sure to watch!

Mid-Season Shows - can't wait to see! -

Medium-NBC - her secret is out and we will get to see the fallout of how her family and her work will deal with the publicity. should be fantastic!

Lost -ABC - how many more secrets can there be? should be fun to find out!

Eli Stone -ABC- one of the new shows I'm looking really forward to see - i think it sounds very intriguing. Hope it lives up to the hype.

One Tree Hill -CW- I'm not going to say anything on the grounds it may incriminate me.

24 -FOX- I just netflixed all the seasons on DVD this summer - what I want to know is how can anyone just watch just one episode at a time per week? I think that would drive me crazy. This is a show meant to be watched several episodes in a row.

Battlestar Galactica -SciFI- one the best shows on TV - 'nuf said.

Tupperware Stow and Go Bottle

As a nanny to my niece last year, I was always looking for a good sippy cup, and quickly became quite disgusted with most of them out there (how do you wash the inside of the spouts - impossible). And the other type always leaked. Well, my friend, Candi, the awesome mom that she is, found that the Tupperware Stow and Go Bottles make great sippy cups. I also like using them during the day, because I'm one of those wanderers in my house who is always taking my remote, cup, etc with me and leaving it in some random place. This way, I don't have to worry about it spilling.
Well, they have now been discontinued from Tupperware, and Tupperware is only offering the type of sports bottle that has a stick-up spout. Sigh. So if you want one of these great Tupperware Stow and Go bottles, you will have to get one on ebay or some of the sites below. I just bought 3 - one will be for my 95 year old grandfather that he can keep by his chair and not worry about spilling. Good luck!

Here's an ok deal:

She still has 5 available if you know anyone who wants one. :)

Here are some other sites that have good deals if you want to forward this to anyone who is interested:

That's all I can find online - I guess people will just have to be lucky and get it on ebay once all these are sold. :)

There is another type of sippy cup that I do like that is stainless steel - which is a perfect vessel for milk (think milk pail). And no toxicity leakage worries. :)

Klean Kanteen 12 oz stainless steel sippy cup

Here's another stainless steel sippy cup: The Safe Sippy

Fall Y'all Blog Finds

http://frugal l-yall-bloggy-giveaway.html



I never really thought about the over-abundance of soy. I drank soy milk because of my lactose intolerance, ate soy-based nutritional/cereal bars, etc., etc. Then I saw that one of the fertility tips is to avoid soy because of the hormonal/estrogen influences. Then I started doing more research on it. I don't know what to think of it all, but some of it makes sense.
The only thing I know for certain that I read on several sites is that it can affect fertility/infertility.
So here are some sites to look at, feel free to make up your own mind about it!

And almost 60% of processed foods have soy in their ingredient list!

Soy Infertility/fertility,,46s,00.html

Soy Baby Formula

Infants exclusively fed soy-based formula have 13,000 to 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula, the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. Premature development of girls has been linked to the use of soy formula, as has the underdevelopment of males.

Soy and Thyroid Disorders

Database/Medical Journal:

Soy Allergens:

support site for those with soy allergies:

General Soy Dangers

20/20 Investigation -

Really good!:

The Other Side of the Story: Refuting these Claims:

And something to really think about:

Colds remedy

When I get a cold, this is what I use that works:

Nature's Sunshine ALJ -

Olive Leaf Extract -
Plus, my research on Olive Leaf (in left corner is a list that includes Olive Leaf)

Any type of juice supplement with the acai berry:

Humphreys "7" Cough Control

Elderberry Extract:

Cold Eeze Gum or Lozenges:

Some recommended herbs and websites from friends:

Trilight -

Mothering's Healthy Alternatives for Fighting Colds and Flu:

Your Child Has the Flu: What's a Mother to Do?

Flu Proofing Garlic and Lemon Tea

Common Herbs For Children

An article:

Early Risk of Puberty for Girls

I usually don't put an entire article on one post, but as a teacher I have thought this for years (and have seen it in my former students). I also think the rise in ADD in children has more to do with the onset of puberty than anything else (imagine a 7 year old acting like a 13 year old with puberty and you see the similarities). I've always considered myself fortunate that my menstrual time did not come until I was 14. I was able to love to play and be a child for a long time.

http://articles. sites/articles/ archive/2007/ 10/06/puberty- at-8-g
irls-earlier- puberty-puts- them-at-higher- risk-for- cancer.aspx

Girls in the United States are reaching puberty at very early ages,
increasing their risk of breast cancer, social problems, and emotional

While the biological signs of female puberty -- menstruation, breast
development, and growth of pubic and underarm hair -- typically occurred
around 13 years of age or older just decades ago, today girls as young as 8
are increasingly showing these signs.

African-American girls are particularly vulnerable to early puberty.

Aside from the social and emotional implications, early puberty exposes
girls to more estrogen, which increases their risk of breast cancer because
the disease thrives on estrogen.

According to biologist Sandra Steingraber, the author of the report titled
"The Falling Age of Puberty in U.S. Girls: What We Know, What We Need to
Know," "The data indicates that if you get your first period before age 12,
your risk of breast cancer is 50 percent higher than if you get it at age

"For every year we could delay a girl's first menstrual period,” she says,
“we could prevent thousands of breast cancers."

Theories behind what is causing the early-puberty trend abound, but the
actual causes are not known. Potential causes noted in the paper include:

a.. Rising childhood obesity rates and inactivity
b.. Formula-feeding of infants
c.. Excessive TV viewing and media use
d.. Family stress
e.. Exposure to environmental chemicals
Early puberty is likely an “ecological disorder,” according to Steingraber,
that’s being caused by a number of environmental factors.

The Breast Cancer Fund, “The Falling Age of Puberty in U.S. Girls: What We
Know, What We Need to Know”

Chicago Tribune September 16, 2007

Dr. Mercola's Comments:
It is becoming increasingly common for young children, even 5- and
6-year-olds, to go through precocious puberty (aka early sexual
development) . The introduction of this report even states that studies have
found girls as young as 2 years old entering puberty!

This is clearly a multi-faceted problem, but I believe one of its main
causes stems from your environmental exposure to a whole slew of
endocrine-disruptin g chemicals.

These man-made chemicals affect your hormones, which control
development and function in your body. There is mounting evidence that they
can cause harm in the development of fetuses and children, who are
particularly sensitive to the chemicals because they have not yet developed
the protective mechanisms present in adult bodies.

If you think you and your children are not exposed to endocrine
disrupters, think again. They’re commonly found in many household products
and cosmetics, including:

a.. Bovine growth hormones commonly added to commercial dairy
b.. Soy foods, which are loaded with hormone-like substances
c.. Bisphenol A, commonly used in many plastics such as baby
bottles, food-storage containers, and the lining of soda cans
d.. Phthalates, also commonly used in plastics
e.. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) -- better known as Teflon
I want to place special emphasis on soy. As many VitalVotes readers
have been pointing out, soy is present in virtually every processed food,
and Americans are eating it in unprecedented quantities in foods like
soymilk, soy burgers, and soy ice cream.

Meanwhile, some misinformed moms are still feeding their vulnerable
babies soy infant formula, which exposes their child to the equivalent of
five birth control pills’ worth of estrogen every day. For this same reason,
it’s also important for pregnant women to avoid eating soy, as a high
estrogenic environment in utero may increase their child’s subsequent breast
cancer risk.

Other environmental chemicals like PCBs and DDE (a breakdown product
of the pesticide DDT) may also be associated with early sexual development
in girls. Both DDE and PCBs are known to mimic, or interfere with, sex

What is even more troubling is that endocrine-disruptin g environmental
chemicals can actually increase your child’s risk of obesity, which in turn
may increase their likelihood of early puberty.

Early Puberty is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Meanwhile, the same chemical exposures that are causing young kids to
enter puberty well before their time can also lead to increased infertility
and breast cancer rates down the road.

So if you have children, or are planning to, avoiding environmental
contaminants and soy foods as much as possible (unless they are in the
traditional, fermented form such as natto, miso, or tempeh), is a wise

Here are some measures you can take to protect yourself and your
children from common toxic substances that could cause them to go into
puberty years before they were designed to:

a.. Store your food in glass containers whenever possible, as it is
the most inert container you can use.
a.. Only use natural cleaning products in your home. Most health
food stores will have these available or you can search online for them.
a.. Buy and eat, as much as possible, locally grown, organic foods
that do not contain pesticides and added hormones.
a.. Avoid processed foods, which are loaded with soy and other
unsavory ingredients.
a.. Switch to natural brands of toiletries, including shampoo,
toothpaste, antiperspirants, and cosmetics. Use the same sources as above
for these, either your local health food store or you can search online.
Finally, I encourage everyone with children or grandchildren to review
Theo Colburn’s Our Stolen Future, which is one of the BEST resources on this

Finding People

Finding people

There have been a few people I have lost over the years, and then I found them again - and its cool to know what has happened to them and to their lives.

Here are some great search engines to find those lost (for free):

and if those two don't work, well these might:

Controversial dangers you might not know about

Feel free to forward, feel free to research anything further, feel free to disagree, feel free to be fully informed on all sides of an issue. If you have any interesting sites not listed here, please feel free to email me.
Mercury in Amalgam dental fillings - (I always knew I hated my "silver capped teeth" -now I have a legitimate reason to)
Dangers of Aspartame, saccharin and splenda -
Stevia substitute:
Vaccination controversies:
Toxic-free home -
Ear Infections in children:
Soy Dangers
Check out my new blog on all the dangers of the soybean.
Other Things in the news:

Funny story about the kitchen

ell, I finally did it. And it was icky. I actually got into the bottom cupboard cabinets - you know the ones - the cabinets where you have to reach far, far in the back, and for the life of you, you really don't know what is back there. So I actually emptied them all out, and found my crystal salad bowl set (wedding present, never used, haven't had a fancy dinner party yet), a deep dish skillet in the box (who knew?), party platters (of course, where else would they be regulated?), my beautiful blue pyrex dishware (so that's what happened to them, I thought they were out in the garage!) and a weird ice cream novelty where it makes regular ice cream into soft serve. Don't know when I am going to use that either. So then I wiped out all the shelves, and then decided to put everything that was in those icky cabinets into the dishwasher. Definitely. Then I actually labeled with scotch tape (I was just thinking about the name scotch tape. its obviously one of those name brand names that has become a general name, like kleenex. Yet, if I said clear, transparent tape, how would I delineate that from packing tape. So the name scotch tape sums it up) all the shelves, and matched the items up with its label - so clear, even my husband surely will be able to figure it out. (that's the thing about labeling - if you don't label, your husband will someday decide to clean the kitchen, or unload the dishwasher, and put things in a completely useless place and you spend five minutes or so moving everything back where it is suppose to go (if you can even find it).

So next, I tackle the other disappearing cabinet - the one above the oven. Sad to say, I have 4 crockpots. Don't know how I managed that. Found several items that immediately went into my garage sale pile, including a blender and a Krups expresso maker - if you need one, I'll sell it to you for $10. And I finally made space for my pasta pot. My humongous, wonderful pasta pot, that makes all pasta easy, because it has holes in the lid and the handles clamp down, so you just pick it up from the stove and take it over to the sink and turn the pot upside down, and all the pastaey water comes out the holes - no need for a separate drainer. Absolutely lovely. Though I am in a dilemma over it - I would eventually like to get rid of my Teflon non-stick pots and pans - you know - all the research about the fumes and killing birds and stuff - but I turn on the vent whenever I use it, which will just have to do, because I'm not giving up my pasta pot.

So the rest of my pots and pans are in the dishwasher - waiting for me to decide where they are going to go in my pots and pans drawer - waiting for me to give them a home with my scotch tape, permanent marker labeling technique.

Online Book Discussion for Kids

These are some links I found for someone who wanted to find an online book club for her child.

Heres just some stuff i found online for kid book chats - you could look more into each site.
I did not look into these in-depth, they just seemed like they are similar in nature to what you were seeking. Hope you find what you are looking for! Melissa

Teflon Cleaning

Here are some tips I found on Teflon cleaning (especially trying to clean up egg residue) from different posts all over the web:

RE: How to Clean Teflon

Ladyvmh. (Guest Post) | 06/17/2004

If you are using a cooking spray (such as PAM) it will leave a sticky residue that is almost impossible to get off. Instead use oil brushed on with a pastry brush. When I first heard this I thought it was dumb, but since I quit using the sprays I have not had to replace any Teflon Pans. (Also Teflon should never be used over anything higher than Medium heat. I don't buy the sprays at all any more. Amazing how much easier it is to wash, not just Teflon, but casserole dishes, pans, etc. Good luck

RE: How to Clean Teflon

Jacque (Guest Post) | 06/16/2004

Use electric dish washing powder and soak overnight in the solution. Will clean up easy next day.

RE: How to Clean Teflon

Anne H. (Guest Post) | 06/16/2004

I would try straight white vinegar too. It seems too work well on grease and residue in general.

RE: How to Clean Teflon

Connie. (Guest Post) | 06/15/2004

For Nancy in Pennsylvania trying to clean her Teflon. Use baking soda on a damp cloth and rub on the stains. This will take them off and not hurt the Teflon.

RE: How to Clean Teflon

Tawnda (Guest Post) | 06/15/2004

You can buy teflon-safe scrubby sponges, but I use a scrubby that my sister crocheted out of that netting you buy by the yard in the fabric store. It doesn't scratch the teflon, and it works as good as an S.O.S. pad! If you don't have anyone that crochetes, you can get some of the netting and fold in half at least once and wrap it around a scrub brush and rubber band it on the top.

More on Teflon cleaning

Here is a great tip for cleaning Teflon.

Mix up a combination of 1 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar and 2 teaspoons of baking powder in the pan.

Now just clean rinse and dry as normal. Don't forget to season the pan again the next time that you use it.

Another Tip:

I've loosened some things by soaking (overnight sometimes) with baking soda. About 3-4 TBSP (I just dump some out of the smallish box), fill the pan with water, and leave it alone for a while.
Yep, soak in cold, NOT hot water with some dishwashing detergent for 20 mins, then clean with a scourer. It'll come straight off.

Solution? When the food's done cooking, put it on a serving platter, throw a few cups of water in the pan, and return to the stove over medium heat until it boils for a few minutes. Most of the time, the egg that's stuck to the bottom floats up as a solid sheet of its own accord.


Teflon has been linked to cancer.

If you learn to season your cast iron pan with salt and oil you will achieve the same results as a teflon pan without potentially poisoning your family. You'll also get yourself a dose of iron every time you use it.
No matter how much oil I use with an enameled cast iron (usually white), the eggs stick. With lots of oil on stainless steel, only medium stickage. Well-seasoned cast iron, nearly instantaneous cleanup.

I was always taught to wash eggy stuff in cold water

YES! Use cold water first! Hot water cooks the eggs on more. I'm not a chemist, just someone who likes eggs.
Immediately put some cold water in the pan, and once all the egg is off, wash it with soap and hot water.

Important article on Teflon:

Tarrant County TX Private School Prices/Links

From a Research email:
This is an organized, pretty definitive list of all the different options of schools in Tarrant County. Have fun everyone! If you send this list to anyone else, please put Melissa Neece, MLS Library Science as the author. If you have any schools or enrichment programs to add, please email me, or reply to this site.
Thank you.
The prices on this site were for 2006/2007. They may have changed. Click on the link and it will take you to the tuition page.
A List of Tarrant County schools comprised by
Melissa Neece, MLS Library Science, MelissaNeece [at] yahoo . com

Inexpensive, decent schools
$3000 Tate Springs Christian -

$3848 Temple Christian -

Homeschooling schools
$35 per class per month Science Etc. -
$200-$350 per class Christian Life Prep -
$300 or $400 per class -Grace Preparatory -
Waxahachie Preparatory Academy -
Creative Arts, Watauga -
A different, laidback, strange school:
$3800 Center for Creative living -

Another different school for those gifted and talented:
Other Schools in Tarrant County:
Discovery School –Preschool/Kinder - $1,620-$2310
$675 per month 5 days Preschool
$3828 Redeemer Lutheran -
$3848 Temple Christian -
? Fellowship Academy -
Schools with no websites:
The Top schools in Tarrant County:
Arlington Country Day -
The top Christian Schools in Tarrant County
Fort Worth Christian -
Especially for Holly - Top catholic schools
Elementary -
Only Catholic High school - Nolan High -

Top Preschools -
Montessori Academy
Other Montessori Options:
Barbara Gordon (another top school) -
Montessori Children’s House -
Mansfield Montessori -
Montessori at Sundance Square -
Westchester Montessori, Grand Prairie -
2 Mother's Day Outs that I can personally recommend:
East Meadows Baptist Church
(817) 451-3715
2000 Morrison Dr Fort Worth, TX 76112

Enrichment Programs -
Kindermusik –
Museum (highly recommend) -
Lake Arlington Academy of Music -
Creative Arts, Watauga -
Special Needs Schools:
The Child Study Center school –
Homeschooling Links – More coming later
AAHE website:
Charlotte Mason
The Charlotte Mason method sounds like great teaching practices. It believes in hands-on learning and the formation of good ideas and habits.

Legal Defense:

NHELD National Home Education Legal Defense http://www.nheld. com/

HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association http://hslda. org