Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby and Toddler Constipation remedy

My toddler has constipation issues.  Mostly, its because he squeezes and does not let it come out!
Dr. Sears says it takes two months or more to get over the constipation cycle.
Here is a daily regimen that is extremely nutritious and will help with constipation:

Organic applesauce
apricot (fruit, sauce or juice)
Coconut oil (about a tablespoon)
flaxseed oil or ground flax seeds (couple of teaspoons)

He eats this for breakfast, and then throughout the day as a snack between meals until the cup is finished by the end of the day.

And don't forget - bananas and carrots are extremely constipating - I did not know this, or I would not have introduced these foods until at least 2 - he's definitely not going to have them again until around 2!

Fenugreek for congestion

Fenugreek is amazing - it helps a mother's milk supply - but it is wonderful and has been used for thousands of years for congestion and digestive ailments.  I only first heard about it 2 years ago, sigh - why do all these wonderful remedies are just not known among people anymore.  It drives me nuts.

My own personal experience with Fenugreek - at the first sign of congestion/sinus issues, take 3 fenugreek pills 3 or 4 times daily for 2 or 3 days, clears up all colds quickly. 
Aidan has never been sick in his life, but he was congested for 2 days in his 14th month - I took a lot of fenugreek so it will go through the breastmilk, and I also put a little bit out of a capsule into applesauce.  He was only congested for 2 days.  I have also heard that Fenugreek sprouts are delicious, so this would also be a good way to get fenugreek in both the baby and in you!

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