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More Baby Research

Some more baby research -updated October 28th, 2007& April 2009

Hey, one of my friends is surprised pregnant with her fourth (the third friend this year to have the fourth)!

Anyway, when asked about a sling, she recommended the Sling Eezee.

otherwise, most moms and sites recommend the Ergo baby carrier:

Another really good carrier - Weego Baby carrier

Another good carrier from christian people:

Oh, and hear are some videos on baby slings

Youtube is such a great resource for when you don't know how to do something. Someone else will have figured it out and show you how!

Lead poisoning, recalls and other things

best diapers:

fish dangers:

Also, a midwife told me that if you take an Omega 3 supplement during your pregnancy, your likelihood of having post-partum depression will decrease quite a bit.
and you improve your baby's brain power! ;)

Prenatal vitamins.

New Chapter Organics Prenatal -

I can no longer recommend this Prenatal vitamin because it contains 600 mg of Soy.

Nature's Plus Source of Life Prenatal
This is the only whole-based foods Prenatal that I have found that contains no soy and no chamomile. And you only have to take 2 pills daily, unlike all the other brands that usually require 6 pills.
Froogle Link

Nature's Life Prenatal multiple -
no soy, contains beta-carotene, contains red raspberry leaf, requires 6 pills daily

Twinlabs Prenatal - regular and Dr. Greene
This is the one that is a capsule. I've told by several pregnant women that most prenatals are too big and the tablets make them gag/vomit, but that they can take this one because it is in capsule form and as long as they take it with food, its ok. Only 2 capsules a day.
Vitacost link

NF Formulas Prenatal 2 - This is also a capsule. I've only found it at Rite care online. Its 3 capsules a day.
purchase: Rite Care Pharmacy Online

Rainbow Light Prenatal (another whole foods-based prenatal)

Another Whole Food prenatal that I am impressed with is

Baby and Me by Daily Foods - soyfree!

Pure Essence Labs Mother To Be - extremely complete!

Super Nutrition Prenatal

And of course, Nature's Sunshine, which is famous for its fantastic supplements.

Da Vinci Prenatal

For those who can not swallow pills, here's a liquid form:
Buried Treasure Prenatal

Garden of Life is also often recommended for vitamins, but I believe it might be too strong for a baby. Just generally not recommended while pregnant - but good for hubby!

Also, Don't forget to take a Omega 3 pill. It helps for fertility, helps during the pregnancy, and then helps again in decreasing post-partum symptoms. Nordic Naturals is usually considered one of the best brands, but it contains soy, so I no longer recommend Nordic Naturals. Carlson's is considered a great brand, but stay away from Cod Liver oil. Its considered a uterine contractor.
The cheapest fish oil pills out there are:
Country Life Omega 3 1000mg - $8.39 for 200 gel caps.
Vitamin Shoppe Country Life Link
Vitacost Country Life Link

Other Omegas:

Best pregnancy teas:

Yogi Tea:


Stomach Ease -

Traditional Medicinals Tea:

Best-tasting Stevia:
Nu Naturals NoCarb blend Stevia

Oh, and I finally finished my research on car seats, and found that the Britax Marathon or Britax Boulevard are the safest, best seats on the market. One of the only car seats to survive a 70 miles per hour car test crash. Or basically any car seat by Britax is pretty good.

But most importantly, check out the site that helps you fit the best carseat in your car

This concludes several months of research. As always, please feel free to copy and paste this in an email or on myspace to give to a friend. Share the information - people need to be informed! :) Please include my name and email so that if anyone has any questions, they can contact me. Thank you!

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Lib said...

Great links, thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been taking the SuperNutrition PreNatal Blend for almost 2 months now. They are the most highest potency PreNatal I can find anywhere in the world. I also take 3-4 fish oils (1500 EPA/ 750 DHA) and now I feel different!