Monday, October 1, 2007

Tupperware Stow and Go Bottle

As a nanny to my niece last year, I was always looking for a good sippy cup, and quickly became quite disgusted with most of them out there (how do you wash the inside of the spouts - impossible). And the other type always leaked. Well, my friend, Candi, the awesome mom that she is, found that the Tupperware Stow and Go Bottles make great sippy cups. I also like using them during the day, because I'm one of those wanderers in my house who is always taking my remote, cup, etc with me and leaving it in some random place. This way, I don't have to worry about it spilling.
Well, they have now been discontinued from Tupperware, and Tupperware is only offering the type of sports bottle that has a stick-up spout. Sigh. So if you want one of these great Tupperware Stow and Go bottles, you will have to get one on ebay or some of the sites below. I just bought 3 - one will be for my 95 year old grandfather that he can keep by his chair and not worry about spilling. Good luck!

Here's an ok deal:

She still has 5 available if you know anyone who wants one. :)

Here are some other sites that have good deals if you want to forward this to anyone who is interested:

That's all I can find online - I guess people will just have to be lucky and get it on ebay once all these are sold. :)

There is another type of sippy cup that I do like that is stainless steel - which is a perfect vessel for milk (think milk pail). And no toxicity leakage worries. :)

Klean Kanteen 12 oz stainless steel sippy cup

Here's another stainless steel sippy cup: The Safe Sippy

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