Monday, October 1, 2007

Yerba Mate

To all my friends:

A helpful tip I'm passing along to all my friends: I've been able to stop drinking so much soda (i was very addicted to Dr. Pepper) because of Pixie Mate tea. It gives you energy, 800% more antioxidants than tea, helps with metabolism, and all kinds of good stuff. I like the pixie mate brand because it is a lot milder than the others, and therefore, I like the taste better. There are a lot of other brands, but go ahead and Check Pixie Mate out at:

So far I've found it at Whole Foods market ($5) and online.

My favorite flavors are Green Tea Mate and Limon Mate

Here are some store links:

Link to Amazon

Link to Herbtrader

Pass this site on to those you know are addicted to caffeine.... God Bless!

Here is some other sites that tell more about yerba mate:

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