Monday, October 1, 2007

The New Fall TV Season

As most know, I really enjoy TV, especially series with an overarching storyline. Here's my lowdown on this fall season. And all shows can be seen free online on their respective tv station websites.

First of all, 2 shows that I always recommend to people who rarely watch TV:

Bones - love the conversations between the Catholic Boothe and the athiest Bones. Love their relationship dynamic. And of course, love how they solve the mystery.
Tuesday nights 7PM Fox
Numb3rs -CBS - great Jewish family dynamic between the two brothers and the father. And of course, for a girl who was never good at math, his way of solving the mystery with math is fascinating.

Now to the New Shows:

Pushing Daisies - ABC - Sweet, sweet, sweet. Quite lovely. Narrated and sounds like and very similar to a Roald Dahl movie/book. Very Quirky. Like it MUCH!

Journeyman - NBC - a time-traveling show - another way to do a show like Daybreak. but much better. Seems more like a movie, very well made. should continue to be interesting.

Bionic Woman - ABC - Great action show - and Kate Sackhoff (Kara Thrace on Battlestar Galactica) is on it!!!!!!!! Extremely well-made, looks like it got a lot of backing and promotion. Should be a winner this season.

Life -NBC - a cop trying to solve his own mystery of how he was framed for murder - great character-driven show. Feels like it should belong on USA. Team-solved murders - the best type of cop show. Look forward to seeing the next episode.

Moonlight -CBS - vampire show. 'nuf said. oh, and the guy who played Marshall in Alias is in it. :)

Gossip Girl -CW - a cross between the drama of The OC (fistfights and all) and the drama of Veronica Mars (especially as Kristen Bell narrates it - rumor has it Kristen will also appear on Heroes later this season, can't wait!) Also - how to tell when you are old - when you find the dads on these teenage shows to be hot.

Back to You -Fox - with Kelsey Grammar. not yet as good as Frasier, but it might just get there. good 30 minute comedy.

Reaper -CW - produced by Kevin Smith - those who like Kevin Smith movies should like this show. Its weird.

Chuck -NBC - similar to Jake 2.0 - seems like a fun show, premise is a bit unbelievable, but those who like spy shows on par with Jake 2.0 will also like this one.

Cane, Caveman, etc - sorry, not interested in even watching the pilot. Tell me if its good or not. And no, I usually don't watch all these shows, I just like watching all the new pilots, and picking up the best ones. Some shows I just save and watch the entire series in the summer.

Reality shows - the only reality shows I like are American Idol, Project Runway and Top Chef.

Big Shots-ABC - haven't seen it yet. Looks like one of those provocative cable shows.

Returning Shows:

Bones -FOX - Love this show. one of my favorites. Great characters, and great dialogue. David Boreanaz is Sealy Boothe. 'nuf said.

The Office -NBC - those who like potty humor movies like the latest Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller will definitely like this show. Also, there is a lot of subtle wit and humor that I find funny. But I mainly watch this show for Jim and Pam - and at last - they are together and so sweet and funny and cute!

How I Met Your Mother-CBS - so sharp, such witty dialgoue, such great characters, never boring. One of the only 30 minute shows I actually watch (besides the Office).

Heroes -NBC- shaping up to be just as interesting as last year. who would have ever thought the phrase "save the cheerleader, save the world" would be so good?
And Sark is on it! And Kristen Bell is coming!

Ugly Betty -ABC - What about Henry? Their romance was what was keeping me watching!

Smallville -CW- shaping up to be much more interesting than last season. Lots of Superman nods - thank you, thank you, keep them coming! Lana, please, please go away for real and hello, Lois, finally working at the Daily Planet!

Ghost Whisperer -CW- just about to watch this - this definitely has always reminded me of an 80s show with a 90s twist. And Jennifer Love Hewitt, well, she's just interesting to watch.

Friday Night Lights-NBC - a small Texas town high school football team and all the scandal you could ever possibly want. what could be more perfect?

Supernatural-CW - 2nd season way better than the first. hope they keep the momentum going.

Numb3rs -CBS - if you are not watching this show, there's something wrong with you.

Men In Trees -ABC- i wonder how the relationship dynamic will change now that they are officially dating in real life?

Cable Shows:

Blood Ties - on Lifetime - Vampire detective show - 'nuf said.

Lincoln Heights - on ABC Family -good decent family show. like it a lot.

Kyle XY -on ABC Family - decent, clean family show. love the romance between Kyle and Amanda - so sweet and beautiful!

Burn Notice - USA - you gotta Netflix this when it comes out on DVD. One of the best shows of the summer, and one of Kevin's favorite shows.

BBC Robin Hood - I have always loved Robin Hood stories since I was a little girl, and this one is one of the best. When it comes out on BBC be sure to watch!

Mid-Season Shows - can't wait to see! -

Medium-NBC - her secret is out and we will get to see the fallout of how her family and her work will deal with the publicity. should be fantastic!

Lost -ABC - how many more secrets can there be? should be fun to find out!

Eli Stone -ABC- one of the new shows I'm looking really forward to see - i think it sounds very intriguing. Hope it lives up to the hype.

One Tree Hill -CW- I'm not going to say anything on the grounds it may incriminate me.

24 -FOX- I just netflixed all the seasons on DVD this summer - what I want to know is how can anyone just watch just one episode at a time per week? I think that would drive me crazy. This is a show meant to be watched several episodes in a row.

Battlestar Galactica -SciFI- one the best shows on TV - 'nuf said.

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