Monday, October 1, 2007

Funny story about the kitchen

ell, I finally did it. And it was icky. I actually got into the bottom cupboard cabinets - you know the ones - the cabinets where you have to reach far, far in the back, and for the life of you, you really don't know what is back there. So I actually emptied them all out, and found my crystal salad bowl set (wedding present, never used, haven't had a fancy dinner party yet), a deep dish skillet in the box (who knew?), party platters (of course, where else would they be regulated?), my beautiful blue pyrex dishware (so that's what happened to them, I thought they were out in the garage!) and a weird ice cream novelty where it makes regular ice cream into soft serve. Don't know when I am going to use that either. So then I wiped out all the shelves, and then decided to put everything that was in those icky cabinets into the dishwasher. Definitely. Then I actually labeled with scotch tape (I was just thinking about the name scotch tape. its obviously one of those name brand names that has become a general name, like kleenex. Yet, if I said clear, transparent tape, how would I delineate that from packing tape. So the name scotch tape sums it up) all the shelves, and matched the items up with its label - so clear, even my husband surely will be able to figure it out. (that's the thing about labeling - if you don't label, your husband will someday decide to clean the kitchen, or unload the dishwasher, and put things in a completely useless place and you spend five minutes or so moving everything back where it is suppose to go (if you can even find it).

So next, I tackle the other disappearing cabinet - the one above the oven. Sad to say, I have 4 crockpots. Don't know how I managed that. Found several items that immediately went into my garage sale pile, including a blender and a Krups expresso maker - if you need one, I'll sell it to you for $10. And I finally made space for my pasta pot. My humongous, wonderful pasta pot, that makes all pasta easy, because it has holes in the lid and the handles clamp down, so you just pick it up from the stove and take it over to the sink and turn the pot upside down, and all the pastaey water comes out the holes - no need for a separate drainer. Absolutely lovely. Though I am in a dilemma over it - I would eventually like to get rid of my Teflon non-stick pots and pans - you know - all the research about the fumes and killing birds and stuff - but I turn on the vent whenever I use it, which will just have to do, because I'm not giving up my pasta pot.

So the rest of my pots and pans are in the dishwasher - waiting for me to decide where they are going to go in my pots and pans drawer - waiting for me to give them a home with my scotch tape, permanent marker labeling technique.

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