Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tarrant County Weddings

Since 1994, I've been working with small budget weddings - wedding photography, wedding coordinating, and retail bridal shops. I just adore weddings - they are so girly girl fun.
I enjoy helping people with Parts of their wedding. So I will be happy to help with small services that help make the wedding planning experience truly beautiful.

Wedding Dress Service - I will accompany you to three of the best wedding dress shops in the metroplex (I have personally visited 32 wedding shops in the area, so when I say these are the best, I mean it.) I worked in a bridal shop for 3 years, so I will tell you honestly if a dress looks good on you or not, if you need alterations or not, and if you look like a big huge wedding cake or not. Please bring mom or two best friends along, more than that and the difference of opinions will confuse and exhaust you. *My list of all the best wedding services of the area is included in the price. -$50.

Cake Tasting Service - I will accompany you to four of the best wedding cake bakeries in the area. Bring 2 or 3 friends - this is a truly fun and beautiful experience. Even if your budget for cake is only $100, you can still have fun taste-testing those $1000 cakes. *My list of all the best wedding services in the area is included in the price. - $50.

Amateur Guest photographer - This is the type of service that every bride needs. I am the "back-up" photographer. A professional wedding photographer only takes about 200-400 pictures. I will take the "artistic" pictures that most photographers would not think of taking. I will only perform this service if another photographer is in charge. Most of my pictures of weddings are reputed to be "the bride's favorites" and are quite beautiful. *My list of all the best wedding services in the area is included in the price. - $200.

Free Tip - here are the 3 best bridesmaid sites on the "affordable"/"cheap" side:
3 best bridesmaid sites (especially since there are always coupon codes for 20-50% off their already low prices). Their new season of dresses should be out really soon:
Newport News sizes 2-26: http://www.newport-news.com/shop/thumbnail.aspx?gp_coll_id=9&gp_cat_id=1649&nav_cat_id=1686&category_id=1689
Chadwicks sizes 4-16:
Coldwater Creek sizes 4-16:

Advice for every bride - make sure that the person you hire for a wedding service - especially the coordinator or photographer - suits your personality and is friendly. I can't tell you how many times as a wedding photographer or coordinator that I've had the bride pour her heart out to me sometime during the very stressful wedding day. I was also often the last one to see the bride before she steps out of the room before walking down the aisle, and often a smile and a few kind words will do wonders for confidence boosting.

Let me know if I can help with some small part of your wedding. I am open to suggestions.

*My list of all the best (and cheapest) wedding services of the area is included in the price of services. This includes dress shops, photographers, bakeries, ceremony sites, and rehearsal dinner sites.*

*I also wrote a brochure called "How to plan a completely free wedding, or at least as cheap as Possible" which is also included with any service.

*Oh, and one of the funniest sites I've read in a long time, and how best not to become a bridezilla for all you girls out there, is www.etiquettehell.com

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