Saturday, June 7, 2008

More on Shopping Reward sites

Lots of people have been asking me about the Big Crumbs reward site. I think its fabulous. Its very simple and free to sign up, and you can find out more about the site through the How it Works page or the FAQs page. has been around for over 2 years and eBay members have earned cash back on millions of dollars in purchases, as well as other stores and sites. It also helps Ebay sellers advertise, which is a definite plus.

Click Here to find out more about Big Crumbs.

I've done a little bit more research into the matter (of course!) and I find I am highly impressed with this site. Even if you only use it to get cash back on Ebay purchases, its worth it. This site is totally free to sign up. If you want to just be a Crumbsaver, you get more cash back. If you want to be a Crumbearner, you get a little money from those who you refer. They are just giving you the marketing commission that they get from merchants. Its all really neat - I've looked at several people's profiles as well as several people's blogs, and this is a great way to earn an extra 50 dollars or so a month without too much trouble. I plan to use my savings/earnings for gas money.

Here are all my favorite shopping sites where I get cash back from Big Crumbs. Their cash back is several percentage points higher than most of the other cashback sites. So with a coupon code, and this cashback site, I really save a lot of money - in fact, I often find that it is cheaper to buy things on the internet than to purchase them in the actual stores. These are just some of my personal favorites - they have a whole lot more stores where you can save! As a Crumbsaver, you can save the following amounts:

Vitamin Shoppe -7.8% cash back
Botanic Choice - 16.2% - 9%
1-800 Contacts - 7.2%
Vision Direct -9%

Ebay: - 4.5%
Ebay -36% of seller's fees

Barnes and Noble 4.5%
Borders -5.4%
Discovery Channel store - 9%

DotPhoto -4.5%
Kodak 5.4%
Kodak Gallery 9% 6.3%

Babies R US 2.7%
Baby Center Store 5.4%
Back to Basics toys 8.1%
Childcraft 4.5%
Hearthsong 9%
KB Toys 4.5%
Leaps and Bounds 6.75%
Motherhood Maternity 8.1%
One Step Ahead 6.75%
Oriental Trading Company 4.5%
Preschoolians 18%
Shindigz Party 9%
Toys R Us 2.7%
Target -up to 9%
Walmart 3.6%

Travel: 4.5%
Hotwire 1.8%
Expedia 1.8%
Orbitz - up to $19 1.7% 13.5%
Travelocity up to 4.5%
Southwest Airlines - 4.5%

Clothes and Shoes: 10.8%
Chadwicks 4.5% 7.2%
Kohls 3.6%
Motherhood Maternity 8.1% 15.3% 15.75%
Preschoolians 18%

Office Supplies:
Office Depot up to 5.4%
Office Max 3.6%
Staples up to 6.3%
TigerDirect 1.8%
VistaPrint up to 18%

Miscellaneous: 31.5%
Lillian Vernon 5.4%
ITunes 4.5% - 12.15%
Personalization Mall - 13.5%
Tiger Direct - 1.8%

Click here to find out more about Big Crumbs.

How it works page

Another Shopping Reward site that is Awesome is Mr. Rebates. They'll give you 1% of the purchase price, and not just a percentage of the sellers fees.

Mr. Rebates


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