Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Placenta Encapsulation

for thousands of years, women have eaten their placenta. I didn't particularly want to eat mine (though power to those who can!) but I have no problems with taking it in a capsule. It basically regulates all your crazy postpartum hormones. My friend who is certified as an encapsulation specialist just had her baby as well, so I had to postpone the process, and so my placenta has been in my freezer. I really do wish I had those capsules from week 2 to week 4 during those nutty weepy hours of the night - for me it was midnight to 3 am every night for about 2 weeks. it was highly annoying.
here is my friend's website on placenta information. You can actually find a lot of information by typing in placenta encapsulation in google search.

I was interviewed last month by Karen Angstadt, on her Love to Labor radio show. Karen is a terrific host, and I think I was able to share some good information on the placenta. I appreciate the op...
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Being certified through Placenta Benefits seems to be a growing trend! Every day we have new members apply to join PBi asPlacenta EncapsulationSpecialists. In order to become Certified, a Specialist ...

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