Thursday, April 1, 2010

Literacy and Breastfeeding

I wrote this on my other blog post (scheduling and breastfeeding), but I liked it so much I thought it should have a page of its own. lol.

Another thought about scheduling breastfeeding - one mom told me, that yes she heard that some moms have trouble with babywise methods, but her babies did fine with them.  Its like literacy in schools.  Some kids will learn how to read no matter what curriculum you use, even if its dumb, while other children will greatly struggle with said curriculum.  Some children will learn how to read by only spending a few minutes a day on reading skills (ie. the usual elementary school setting) while other children need intensive one-on-one attention for hours a week in order to master the most basic of skills.  Are these children wrong to need this?  Are we "spoiling" them by spending time teaching them to read?  The other children get along fine with just basic classroom instruction, why can't they?  Is it all just a waste, should we let them just slip through the cracks, never knowing how to read?  Sure, just let them feed/read for a few minutes every 3 hours, they'll survive - but will they thrive?  Is that not how illiteracy multiplies - by assuming all children can learn alike, is that not how breastfeeding is sabotaged - by assuming all children can feed alike?  But what if every child had intensive one-on-one attention - the complacent ones, the ones that do just fine on a few minutes of learning every day, would they not then greatly exceed their potential?  If every baby was fed on demand, would those babies not only go beyond thriving, beyond their potential, and make us marvel at what they can truly accomplish?

- I was a Reading Specialist for several years, as well as a first grade teacher.  I plan to start tutoring again soon, please contact me if you have a child that struggles to read.

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