Thursday, June 10, 2010

Condensed Version of Pregnancy Research

Here is a very condensed version of my research.  I hope it will help you make all the myriad of decisions you will have to make in the next few months.

Oh, during morning sickness I could only eat a few ingredients - watermelon, tomatoes, fruit, potatoes, organic bread, quinoa, and rice.

If your doctor or midwife says you need protein (some say 40 grams a day, some say 80), do not ever take protein shakes (soy or whey) because they tend to make big 10 pound babies.

Some great sources of protein are quinoa (22 grams per cup, whole foods sells it in their bulk bins), Ezekiel cereal with organic milk or almond milk, or coconut milk, and spirulina powder.  Chicken and turkey are good meat sources, but you'll want to stay away from red meat cause it will make your back ache worse, and from fish because of the mercury.  I ate fish twice during my whole pregnancy, and i felt guilty for doing it, lol.

I did however take several supplements.
I took Juice Plus because I truly believe it helped me not get sick during my entire pregnancy.  No colds or anything.
At the beginning I could barely take any pills, only small capsules or soft gels.  I found a few prenatals that came in this form (Nature's Promise health food store on Park Row in Arlington has a few).
Once I hit 18 weeks, I could take pills again (the second trimester is so lovely). 
My prenatal of choice is Nature's Plus Source of life Prenatal, because it is Whole Foods based, not chemical, and because you only had to take 2 pills instead of 6, and it is reasonably priced.  And they never caused constipation (which is a problem with a lot of prenatals.  Iron supplementation usually causes constipation - bad, the type that gives you hemrhoids). But around 20 weeks you can take chlorophyll pills which are a great iron source with no constipation problems.  You just have to remember to take them everyday once you start.
I also took Omega 3 Fish oil 1000 mgs 2x daily which helps with your mood swings, growing the baby's brain, and with postpartum depression.
I take Now brand Calcium and Magnesium supplements because they are in softgel form.  Calcium and Magnesium really help with leg cramps and back aches. 

Best Big all-encompassing baby book:
Dr. Sears The Baby Book
Amazon link

Two books to avoid because they have a well-deserved reputation for sabotaging the breastfeeding relationship as well as other things, and basically just stupid:
The What to Expect Series

Here are my top two favorite websites: - best breastfeeding site - my favorite website for all things parenting related.  I've read almost all the articles - I have learned so much from this site - highly recommend browsing thoroughly for several hours.

Also, here are some great birth videos:
You can Netflix Orgasmic Birth (link), Business of Being Born (link) (this one is also available thru Netflix streaming video so you can watch it on the computer), Birth without Violence link, and there is a lot of prenatal yoga videos if you type in pregnancy, and several breastfeeding videos if you type in breastfeeding. :)

Breastfeeding video:

Another recommended video:

Consider taking a breastfeeding class at your local hospital or birthing center.
Two books you must get if you plan on going back to work after the baby is born.
The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More... Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws...
And here are the two MUST READ breastfeeding articles:

Ultimate Breastfeeding Preparation Checklist

Breastfeeding Booby Traps

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