Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Doctors - Don't lose our trust!

Rant about doctors:

Please, please educate yourself on Breastmilk!  I keep hearing all these crazy myths that doctors spout as fact to women who are then pressured to follow the doctor's orders - even though those orders are usually steeped in ignorance, misinformation, and outright stupidity.  The Hippocratic oath says Do no Harm - but so many (probably in the millions!) of women have had their breastfeeding relationship irreparably harmed by a doctor!  
And then for me, its - well, if they don't know the BASICS of breastfeeding, what else do they not know?  Can I really put my health and my life, much less my children's health and lives in this ignorant doctor's hands?  How can you not know about the basics of the most primal lifegiving force of all - the beginnings of all medicine - the miracle that is breastmilk? 
Can I trust this doctor with really knowing anything?  I mean, if a doctor told me something completely, outrageously stupid, how can I trust that doctor?  He/she would completlely lose my trust! 
And I would hope that I would have the guts to tell him so!

Here's a great place to start with just the basics.  This gives a list of what is actually in breastmilk.


And of course, please browse 
La Leche League


Other Resources:

International Breastfeeding Journal


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