Monday, July 16, 2012

Gluten Free / Paleo

So I have found that actually it is easier and better, and much more healthy to just eat a Paleo diet, than to substitute Gluten free junk.  In the right recipes, almond flour and coconut flour are actually pretty easy to work with.  I would get so frustrated with gluten free recipes that would have this long list of crazy ingredients that were expensive and that I definitely did not have in my pantry.  Paleo is just so much easier!
I will admit that when I can get Gluten free bread for a $1 a loaf, I will often buy a few - but since a loaf usually only lasts for a couple of meals in my family, we don't really have it very often! ha!

From my research, from what I understand:
GAPS is a healing diet.  It should be followed from about 6 months to a year, then when you feel healed, switch over to a Paleo diet, with a side of Gaps.  And it is always good to have your diet consist of at least 20% raw daily - unless you have severe digestive issues that only a GAPS type diet with bone broth and fermented foods can heal.

some great Paleo sites:

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