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My Review on the Fall 2013 TV Season

My Review on the Fall 2013 shows
Once Upon a Time - calamity on all sides - hiding the truth games - true love prevails - still a great show!
The Good Wife - this season is a bit more complicated, but I think its the best yet.  Every season they find more interesting angles, and the court cases themselves are always intriguing.  And I love the actress   - she is so good in Person of Interest and in this show.  My favorite episodes in both shows are the ones where she's allowed to shine.
Revenge - I'm stockpiling these, I'll let you know later.  I will say that I'm annoyed by all the deaths.  This is not a zombie show or a Middle Ages show where you EXPECT death.  All these deaths actually make it feel too soap operaish.  Stop killing off characters, stop killing the love stories, stop making me want to stop watching this show.
The Mentalist - what? they got married on the same day as the proposal? I guess that's faster than Bones.  I still don't know how I feel about that episode.  Was it romantic, or were the fans cheated?  Lets see where they take it.  And will they ever figure out Red John - now it looks like a conspiracy with the scope of Alias.  Hmm, I just realized how many shows this season have huge power-hungry conspiracy groups - should we be paranoid?  I just hope that whenever they do catch Red John, it isn't as lame as the show's predecessor The Profiler.
The Walking Dead - I have recommended this show to so many people - and the first thing they say is Really? Zombies? I don't know.  And I tell them - fast forward through the zombie parts (if you do it on the VLC media player you can still hear the tinny dialogue but the music/sounds aren't scary anymore) and get to the interaction between the characters.  This is a show that really explores the ethical dilemma of how to be a good person in a world gone crazy.  It does it bettter than any other post-apocalyptic show out there - and proves it by being the highest rating show on cable tv EVER.  There is a reason why people are raving about this show - really! Watch it - just fast forward through the icky parts. :)
Witches of East End - Stockpiling.

HIMYM - I'm just lovin' this season.  This is the one show my husband likes to watch with me.  As a former wedding planner, I love how the whole season is taking place over the weekend of the wedding.   All I can say is - Barney and Robin had better get married!
Hostages - This reminds me very much of 24, except with a female protagonist.  Its a fun watch - its not a must-see - but it is fun.  Good show to stockpile and watch later.
The Blacklist - Now, this show IS my must-see.  I look forward to it every week.  James Spader just makes this show sparkle. (I wonder what he'd think of my word choice) - but he does.  Without him, the show probably would be a more runofthemill fbi show - but with him, its magic. :)  But what is the deal with adopting babies on all these shows - Smash, Scandal, and the Blacklist all have these Dads who want to adopt babies.  Is this a thing now?
Bones - Woah! In five episodes you go from proposal to marriage.  It was a beautiful ceremony, perfect for them as a couple (totally would have chosen that for them) - but it still happened fast!  And now they are moving to a new night?  dumdedumdumdum! death knells clanging! will this final season only be 13 episodes long?  Say it ain't so Sealy!  I love this show - mainly because of the camaraderie - its very much a comfort show, where you are in sync with all the characters, and you actually LIKE them (do you know how rare that is in a tv show?) - and now we have to say good bye soon.  I was just considering how similar this show is to a Lois and Clark scenario (Sealy as the superhero with Temperance as a fierce, hold-her-own Lois Lane with their scooby gang to help ground them and save the day).   And that just goes to another plea/rant/beg scenario of please get a superman show back on the air hollywood people!  They are seriously my favorite.
Almost Human
Sleepy Hollow - I've watched two episodes.  its ok.  haven't forced myself to watch anymore yet though...maybe it will get better?  I'll stockpile and see them later.
Castle - the whole fbi/police set-up was a tad bit too convenient as a lazy plot line.  BUT still fun to watch.  As always, love the dad/daughter scenario on this show, so real, so poignant, so good.  Also, SO glad that they are getting married - they are definitely the best friend type of marriage, which is definitely the good kind.
Beauty and the Beast - I'm still not sure what I think about this show.  I love the romantic bits - and I love how they brought back the heartbeat thing from the original show.  (the original 80's show was my favorite show at the time, and it is still on my list of top 5 all-time favorites).  I still think it is amazing that the producers love this concept of this show so much, and wanted it to be told again so badly that they managed to bring it back to the airways.  I think that is romantically marvelous.  This show unfortunately does not have the magic of the original - but it is good in its own right as long as you don't compare.  The main unfortunate comparison is of the actress who plays Catherine and her role as Lana on Smallville.  The last episode of her telling him how much lying hurts a relationship - well, you could just totally interchange that dialogue between the two shows.  That was her hang-up with Clark too, and honestly, its just getting old.  It was extremely annoying on that show - and its just as annoying on this one.  And how unfortunate to have the exact same issue as a relationship contender on both shows - making the comparison between characters to take place inevitably  in the mind of the viewer.

Agents of Shield - Does anyone else find this show incredibly boring?  And I don't even know why it is?  Maybe the characters are still just very 2-dimensional 5 episodes in.  I feel like I am obliged to watch this show because its a comic book/superhero show and I like the Iron Man/Avenger movies, not to mention Joss Whedon (but don't let me get started on how I feel about Joss Whedon - he says he doesn't believe in true love, and all his shows tragically prove it).  But this show is just tediously boring.  Maybe it has too much of an 80s cop show vibe?  Too procedural?  I just seriously don't care about this show.  Even Arrow and The Tomorrow People with all its CWishness are still more interesting than this show.  I'm getting a flashback to a good show - The Finder.  That was a good show.  This is not.  Its like his shows are deteriorating - Buffy - first five seasons, never boring.  Some episodes in the last two seasons a bit boring.  Firefly - mainly interesting, a few tedious scenes.  Dollhouse - rambled and more boringness found its way in.  This show - just super boring.  And I have no idea how they can improve it.
Person of Interest - I think they have found their groove in season 3 - the characters are comfortable with each other and the plot lines are great.  This is a JJ Abrams production, so of course there is a vast conspiracy, and that part of it can get convoluted.  The few and far between romantic moments are bittersweet and often quite sad.  I really do wish there were a bit more romance, but there is a lot of friend-mance and that works.  Most of the plotlines have a twist - and then another twist - and that can be quite fun.
New Girl - Yay!  Nick and Jess are together!  I think the people have real chemistry, and it shows up on the screen.  Though they need to cut out the overacting kisses - I would love to see a heated super seductive sweet kiss from them.  Even though this show has mainly physical comedy, there are actually some really rofl gut busting  funny scenes in this show.  Not to mention a freaking fantastic apartment - Rachel and Ross, eat your heart out!  Speaking of that infamous couple, please, please, please do not do the back and forth break up thing with this couple.  Just let them continue on their merry sweet way.

Revolution - This is one of those shows that is better when you can watch several episodes in a row.  Seriously - stockpile 3 episodes and then watch them - it greatly improves it, doesn't it?  I still feel like this show is drowning in its own convolutedness, and I hope it gets somewhere grounded soon.
Arrow - Now this show feels like its finally finding its way.  I just hope the flashback island parts don't get too convoluted.  This is a fun show - needs more romance.  How about someone for Felicity? hmmm?
The Tomorrow People - I am enjoying this show.  Its not the best, but its definitely not the worst either.  Its a fun (teen wolf, vampire diaries) type of show.  It has promise.  Now bring on the romance!  Will there be a really good love triangle full of angst?
Ironside - Stockpiling.

The Big Bang Theory - this is another show that my husband and I watch together.  this show is witty and funny and brilliant.  A good personality comparison - People who love 30 Rock hate this show, and People who love this show hate 30 Rock.  (I intensely disliked 30 Rock - it wasn't funny at all, and there were no likeable characters).  Poor Amy, I honestly feel that Penny and Sheldon have more of an intimate sharing relationship than he and Amy.   As much as I like Sheldon, I just feel that this is a dead end relationship, and if she was really my friend, I would tell her that she deserves more - she should have touch, and feelings, and marriage, and babies.  And I don't think she will get that ever from Sheldon.  Penny and Leonard's relationship is coming along nicely.  I am wondering what couple will get pregnant first - isn't that the natural progession of shows like these?
Glee - Ok, I think they should get an Emmy for the memorial episode, don't you?  I've seen that episode 4 times already.  Its so emotionally good, and such a touching way to pay tribute to the actor.  And for those who say that the scene in the locker room with the coach was awkward and stilted - I say these are characters who do not display emotions well, and when they do - they would be awkward about it.  For the characters, I think it was perfectly played.  I love the opening song.  And as a former teacher, I love Sue's monologue.  I applaud Lea Michele's bravery for being able to do any of it.  I know I could not.  She is one strong, brave woman. Purely show-wise, it is also sad that the series finale won't have Rachel and Finn's wedding.
Michael J Fox - this is a funny show.  I'm not that fond of the family characters - like, who are these people? But it is funny, and the plot lines so far are good.
Elementary - I think I'm enjoying this season more than last.  I look forward to seeing where it goes.
Vampire Diaries - Ok, I still say that the finale of season 4 was one of the best finales of any show.  It had everything, and wrapped everything up so beautifully (i will admit i've watched the love scene a few too many times), that I am still afraid they are going to ruin this show this season.  They will make something terrible, or tragic, or just completely drastic happen.  This show has the best love triangle of any show I have ever seen. (or at least that is what I think).  Sometimes this show can be really stupid and have some silly dialogue or plot lines, and then BOOM, a completely sweet magical romantic moment happens, and it makes everything worth it.
Originals - Stockpiling
Scandal - is there anything redeemable about this show?  really?  It really is like the cliche of watching a train wreck - the cliche of guilty pleasure - of wondering why do i like this show?  But you just keep watching.
The Crazy Ones - This show is GOOD! I actually laugh - like A LOT - during this show.  I think that is pretty miraculous - and I hope this show stays around a good long while.  And its fun to see Sarah in a comedy role. :)
Once Upon A Time in Wonderland - WoW! I love the romantic characters in this show.  Now, that is a Princess Bride kind of Romance! Alice is like Wesley searching for Buttercup.  Just so good - so looking forward to the next episode!
White Collar - The bro-mance and overall friend-mance in this show as well as the fun tricky thieving is what keeps me coming back to this well-written, well-produced show.

Haven - I love this show.  But I want to know - what happened to the son?  are they just leaving that plotline by the wayside?  and the reunion between Nate and Audrey was just a little too bleh.  But it did get better.  As usual, the whole season is shaping up quite nicely.
Grimm - this show quickly made my favorite top 20 shows of all time list - but I heard its getting really dark this season?  I hope it doesn't get too dark, and I hope they ramp up the romance soon.
Dracula - this show is like a rich succulent way bad for you treat with a dark edge.  It definitely reminds me of the book in tone and feeling.  It does seem to try too hard to be an ABC version of an HBO show, but I am glad it is on ABC - not seeing naked people is just WAY more seductive.

Shows I'm looking forward to:
Doctor Who - Still say the best episodes ever were with Amy and her Rory.  So romantic, so awesome.  Will we see them again?  the cliffhanger from the last episode is a doozy, it will be interesting to see where the creators take it.  So looking forward to the fiftieth anniversary episode.
Game of Thrones - Ok, yes, this show is very degrading to women.  It reminds me of all the millions of tragic women out there who are currently chattel to brutal and horrible men (have you donated lately to a Human Rights group?  A challenge - every time you watch an episode of Game of Thrones, donate to a cause that helps to free women from an ugly-beyond-imagining abusive life.)  Yet, the women who are strong in this show are intelligent women who brilliantly winds their way through this violent world of men.  I personally like the plotline of Daenerys and her dragons.  And I did like the plot line of Rob and his wife.   Why does every love story in this show end so tragically?  I remember in 1998 I threw the book across the room - one of the very few books I have ever thrown - and watching the tv show I can see why I did.  Its so dark and dreary - and yet, we all keep watching.  (this is another show where I fast forward through the icky parts).

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I love that you can appreciate some of my TV favorites - Buffy and Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time...But I admit I haven't seen the vast majority of all these other shows; I'm wrapped up in BBC stuff!