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Natural / Holistic Cold and Flu Remedies

Natural Flu Remedies: Read the whole thing, and keep it for your files:*I'm constantly updating it as I find out more info*

and the status of another mom:Yesterday, my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with the Flu (type B) at the doctors. She had a fever of 103 most of he night Monday night and had a positive flu test around noon on Tuesday. Wednesday, she is completely better. I wanted to share with you all what we did (recommended by a pediatric D.O.) in case anyone else is facing this.... 2 pellets of Arsenicum and 2 pellets of Rhus Tox every half hour for the first 3 hours, then 3 times a day until all symptoms are gone. We also added Elderberry syrup, lots of juiced fruits and veggies, and Garden of Life raw probiotics. I also diffused essential oils after the homeopathic regimen was complete. (Always take homeopathic remedies by themselves, use essential oils or any other treatment at least an hour before or after.) We are watching her closely, but she seems completely healed, and I have never seen her so sick as she was 24 hours ago! Lots of people are taking ten days to heal or more from this flu, and I just wanted to let you know that it doesn't have to be this way.

Melissa's Recommendations for cough/colds/flu: Fenugreek 4pills 4x daily. (children 1 pill 4x daily) Oscillicium. peppermint oil on the feet (for adults). aromatherapy in hot water or diffuser. Elderberry syrup. at least 5,000 ius Vitamin D (with magnesium) for you, and 2000 ius Vitamin D (with magnesium) for child. Cut an onion in half and put it on night stand, one on your night stand, one on your child's. Bioplasma homeopathy (10 tablets, 3x daily for 5 days). homeopathic cough tablets (consume homeopathics at least one hour before or after using any type of essential oils). Sweet orange essential oil with carrier oil on chest or feet. These are the best remedies for coughing/flu/or colds.Oh, and you can make organic dark chocololate candies with coconut oil and peppermint oil, and that is medicine. Also, though ingesting oils is not "recommended" by the international essential oils type associations, for the very few days (usually 3 or 4) that I actually have a cough, I will take one drop of peppermint oil every time I start coughing. Slippery Elm Lounges are good too for sore throats/coughing. And then the homeopathic cough tablets. You could also try taking Turmeric (several pills throughout the day). Also, Lithy Tree and Briar Rose are great for adults too for coughs and congestion.Vitamin C dosages: can not overdose on vitamin c, you take until you have loose bowels, then you scale back).I remember when I used to take allopathic over the counter stuff, and I would have a cough for weeks, often becoming bronchitis. Since I've been using natural remedies, our family colds last less than a week, and we usually only get sick about once or twice a year.

Green Tea May Prevent Flu Better Than Vaccination: Green tea isn't just great for cancer prevention. In a recent clinical trial, participants taking a green tea supplement experienced an amazing 75% reduction in illness due to the flu compared to those on placebo (compare that to the 60% illness reduction achieved by vaccination as reported in the Lancet). How does it work? Green tea actually directly suppresses multiple strains of virus (influenza, Epstein-Barr, herpes, HIV-1, adenovirus) by blocking them from attaching to receptor cells in your body, which is the first stage of infection. In addition, the theanine naturally found in tea activates gamma-delta-T lymphocytes to proliferate and make interferon-gamma, a potent anti-microbial cytokine. Now that cold season is here, consider adding green tea, matcha or supplements as additional protection against getting sick. More details of the study are given in the link below. you don't like the taste of green tea, you can always add a teabag of your favorite tea or just take an extract.

I'm often asked what is safe to give a baby that is congested. Vitamin D3 drops, Briar Rose (5-8 drops), Lithy tree (5-8 drops), probiotic, lots of hydration through breastfeeding.If you are breastfeeding, then you can also take lots of fenugreek and it will be passed on safely to the baby, as well as probiotics and vitamin D for yourself.Also, with good carrier oil (such as coconut or olive oil) you can use essential oils on the bottom of their feet for over 6 month olds - but be sure to check the list for safe essential oils for babies. Or you can use a hydrosol instead.You can also use the safe essential oils for babies in aromatherapy, just heat up some hot water, put a drop or two in it, and put on the night stand, if you don't have a proper diffuser. Or you can use a hydrosol instead.And do not use eucalyptus or peppermint oil in aromatherapy under the age of 7, I believe it causes respiratory issues in some children.

For Upset Stomach/Vomiting:
Chamomile Tea
Chlorophyll or Chlorella
Bentonite Clay (ck for food grade and lead free)
Vitamin D and C

Some recent comments on Healthy Families for God :

"I had been sick for two weeks with what appeared to be strep or something similar. I asked Sara what I could do naturally. She told me about Vitamin C sharing a link with dosages. I was better the next day!"

"I had a cold for a few days...Just started taking vit D...omgosh gone..totally boosted my immune system."

"We use the vitamin C protocol for coughs in general and it has worked WONDERS in breaking up the mucous and getting over it faster! It truly is amazing!"

"Yes!! I just got over the flu taking 35 grams of C a day and I could've taken more I bet."

"Yesterday my 2 1/2 y/o son had a dry cough and I was anxious. Then I remember I had some Essential Oils and made a mix just for him. Using 20 drops of almond oil as carrier: I added 10 drops of oregano oil, clove oil 12 drops, Rosemary 10 drops, lemongrass 10 drops, Cinnamon 10, from a previous mix of Frankincense, Lavender and Peppermint 10 drops. Well today I'm praying giving thanks to God. Cough stopped after an hour. I applied to his neck, chest, back his feet and put socks on immediately. No more cough. Thank you Lord!!"

THAT'S the power of the medicine God gives us! There are many natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals, including vitamins, essential oils, etc., and they WORK!! They work WITHOUT the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs!

Make an onion and garlic poultice by cutting up a small onion bake in a baking dish until onion starts to turn clear. Take out of oven then mix in diced garlic and olive oil and let all sit together until cool enough to put on your skin. Then strain out the onion and garlic pieces so you just have the oil. Rub the oil poultice on child's chest, cover with a wet warm washcloth then cover the wet wash cloth with a dry one them let it stay on his chest for. 2 hours while he rests . You can wipe off after that. Do this a few times a day it will help.

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