Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kroger Design Bag

I think this is fun. I have a friend who designed a bag, plus some of the other bags are really good as well. I've designed several bags myself - its addictive! Go to the site and vote or create your own design. You can vote for as many bags as you want - and then come back the next day, and vote for all your favorites again. Leave me a comment with your link to your bag, and I'll put it on this website.

Here are My Bags!!!! -

Light -

Dream green photo -

Dream placards -

Good Friends' Designs:

Marisa's Bag

Other Bags that I like:


its easy being green


bag not breaking

rock on bag

kennedy speech -

Of course, out of all the bags out there, I like Whole Foods bag the best, because its huge, and can carry more than 20 library books without breaking. :) It also has a rectangular bottom which allows you to organize things more easily in the bag, and place things in without spilling. Its also made with water resistant material. And all for only $1. I use these bags for everything - laundry, mail storage, dvd storage, library book returns.......

Also the following sites has a Krogers bag contest as well.

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