Monday, April 28, 2008

Mazda5 station wagon

I have always loved station wagons. I guess its going back to the 80s when I was a kid, and a friend of mine had a classic station wagon. Back then, seatbelts weren't as important, so kids would pile in the back and play board games and cards and just have a regular old slumber party. And I probably thought to myself, hey, I'd like to have a car like this one day. As an adult, to me, station wagons definitely symbolizes kids, picnics, and the fourth of July. Basically, I want one. I would like one day to get a classic "woody" station wagon, but that will have to wait until I clean out my garage to be able to put it in.
However, I decided to look around some and see if they still make station wagons, and make them with good gas mileage. After looking at a lot of different styles, I was really impressed with the Mazda5. I haven't test drove it or anything - this is just browsing around on the internet - but the info I found seems really interesting. Here are a bunch of websites on the Mazda5. Check it out for yourself!

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