Saturday, January 10, 2009

Award-winning sites

I personally think that appreciation is important. Which is why I decided to give an award button to those blog sites that I come across in my research that I believe are truly outstanding, especially in helping parents and people everywhere lead more natural and healthy lives. I will write a short review of the site, giving my personal opinion of why I think the site embodies this criteria.

#1 Real Mom Style
Marisa is a homeschooling mom of 4 and her reviews of products and her candid style of writing is quite refreshing. What really makes her site stand out though is that she is currently in the process of creating "how-to" videos for homeschooling moms, which I believe will be a great resource for those just starting out as homeschoolers. I've talked to several homeschooling moms lately, and their number one request is to find a mentor to help them through the myriad of homeschooling chaos. I only hope this video trend will take off, and more 'with-it' homeschooling mothers will find the time to create such videos to help make life easier for those who want to start homeschooling. Thank you Marisa for providing such a great resource!

#2 From Dates to Diapers
Christine is a mother of 6 and is considered a great reviewer of workable family-friendly products. I really enjoy reading her reviews because she will be quite frank in her assessments, and if it didn't work for her family, she will tell you so. I sincerely appreciate that honesty. I also emailed her the other day with a question, and she emailed me back with an answer which was extremely helpful to me. So thank you Christine!

#3 Educational Playtime
Melanie is a mother of two and is a long-time advocate of creative musical play for children. She's a former children's theater director and teacher and also taught Early Childhood music for many years. Her site encourages parents to be more creative in playtime and relates many ideas on how to make that happen. What a great idea site!

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