Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tarrant County Early Voting

Vote early. Its easy. If you're registered to vote in Tarrant County, go to any of the voting sites (many of which are community centers and libraries) and vote there. Next week, they will be opened from 7 AM to 7 PM. It will be much easier to early vote than it will be to vote on the actual day. :)
I will be working the November 4th election - and we are expecting a crowd. Contact your precinct chairman if you want to volunteer. Should be very interesting! :) -Melissa

Here's the site that lists all the early voting places.

Pollworker information|

Tarrant County Voter's Guide:

Verify that you are registered to vote (and your polling place on Nov. 4)

Remember, when you early vote, you can vote at ANY of the early voting places, but if you decide to vote on the actual election day Nov. 4, you can only vote at your official polling place (you can find out where that is by clicking on the link above.)

Please forward this email.

Happy voting!

Melissa Neece

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