Monday, March 1, 2010

Top Healing foods

So I got an email today from Jinjee - its one of her daily inspirational emails from the website - and she discusses her top five most healing foods.  I actually disagree with her however.   So I thought I'd make my own list of the top healing foods.

1) Watermelon - this restores your ph balance from acidic to alkaline
2) Young Coconuts - both the water and the meats - this is like a blood transfusion - restores electrolytes.
3) Dates and blueberries - extremely high in antioxidants
4) Avocadoes - these are a known uterus healer, as well as a brain booster
5) Lemons - in moderation - this restores the alkalinity of the body, but you must be careful of teeth enamel
6) Kale - extremely high in calcium
7) Dulce - puts useable iodine in your body, helps the thyroid
8) Organic apples - many benefits

I also believe in a probiotic supplement, a digestive enzyme supplement if you eat cooked foods, a vitamin D supplement and an omega 3 supplement.

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