Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Labeled

"oh you HAVE to cloth diaper if you want to be an attachment parent"
"oh you can't go to workshops/camps/mothers day out if you want to be an unschooler"
"oh you have to eat all organic if you want to be holistic"
"oh your husband HAS to be the spiritual authority of the household in order to be a 'good christian'"
"oh you have to attend Sunday morning/sunday evening/tuesday night bible study/wednesday night fellowship in order to be a good christian"
"oh you have to listen to the *sucky* christian radio station"

basically, I believe in picking and choosing what works best with my family and our financial situation.

Also, just because I like bits and pieces of a movement, or certain articles, does not mean I subscribe to every single philosophy they spout, geesh! I even like some articles of Above Rubies, and I love her Raw Food cookbook. I even like Renee Ellison's Raw Food cookbook. I like some of the ideals in the Unschooling movement.  The Attachment Parenting movement.  Holistic Moms movement. But that doesn't mean that i like or agree with everything in their movements. hello.

So basically it makes me mad when people ASSume that if you like bits and pieces of a movement/cause/way of living that you affiliate with and practice every single theory, philosophy and idea of that group. And they truly don't understand why you would only do/like parts.

*caveat, my husband sounds I sound grumpy.  Blame it on low blood sugar. :)

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