Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Junk Food

Its also been very hard to overcome my crappy addiction to these junk foods that were introduced to me in my childhood (pizza, fried foods, burgers, etc). So I definitely don't want my child to have to overcome the same addiction. We are trying to eat whole foods as much as possible, and of course, we are gluten free. Description: smile
In this journey, it absolutely amazes me how much I am judged for not giving my child junk food. In America, we are brainwashed to think it is almost child abuse to not give children pizza, burgers, ice cream, candy, cookies, crackers, cheerios, sugary foods of all kinds. These types of foods completely shuts down a child's immune system as well as the digestive system. Even I have to say to myself "No, Melissa, he is not missing out if I don't give him this unhealthy food". It can sometimes be really hard! 

It just hurts my heart as a person with severe digestive problems that have almost killed me (from a lifetime of eating food most people think is "acceptable") to see children mess up their digestive systems. That's all. My main complaint though is that I would like the restaurant establishment to offer just one healthy option, instead of all fried foods, mac n cheese, burgers etc, so that I can feed my child. And yes, I do take my own foods in for Aidan, but I know that won't last long before he'll want his own plate of food. Hopefully, we'll have the money by then to just order the adult plate for him with the healthy option. I just wish that was available in a smaller size on the kid's menu.

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