Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Gluten Info

This is what I have found out about gluten over the past year.
Basically, the body does not treat the gluten protein as food. For those who are tolerant, it just passes through. For those who are sensitive, it irritates, and for those who have celiac, the body thinks gluten is an invader and attacks!

Anyone with Native American Indian blood is most likely to be gluten intolerant and/or celiac.

Gluten is now shown to be a cause in a LOT of psychiatric disorders, as the leaky gut allows the gluten to get into the blood stream, and then lodge in the brain. Bipolarism and schizophrenia both improve greatly on a gluten-free diet, as well as any type of depressive disorder, as well as autistic disorders.

Gluten is basically not really good for anyone, and I highly encourage you to avoid it, especially your children. Gluten is not tolerated AT ALL by anyone under 28 months and is one of the leading factors in toddler tooth decay and ear infections.

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