Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whats in my purse

What's in my purse
Do you ever play that game on facebook where you post what is in your purse?  Why you should post this game:
One, its a good excuse to clean out your purse, two, you get some ideas on how others organize their purses, and three, you find out a few things about your friends.
What's in my purse today:

DL/Card holder
business card holder
FW Library Storytime hours card
2 library book receipts
1 bandaid holder w/bandaids
1 red cement truck
1 green truck
1 yellow dump truck
1 fire engine
1 car flashlight
1 bag of stevia sweetener for tea
1 bottle of arnica montana
1 bottle of Bioplasma cell salts
1 red and white coin purse (that I've used since 1994)
1 red and white key ring set
3 pens

Speaking of purses, I prefer buying beautiful handmade cloth purses that I can then throw in a zippered pillowcase in the wash (especially if my son spills anything on it or in it.)  Do you have any favorite purse designers?  Mine is Isabella's Journey, Fossil, and purses on Etsy.

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