Friday, June 7, 2013

14 step on Organizing and how to Get Rid of Your Stuff

How to Spring Clean and Get Rid of Your Stuff
1) Keep the stuff that you will need to help prompt your memory when you are 80.  Keep the stuff that you know your great grand child would want (things that belonged to your great grandmother, etc).
But if you hate it, then don't feel like you have to keep it just because it was your great-grandmothers (etc). See if another member of the family would rather have it.
2) If you have 2 of something - keep the one that you like the best, or have the most memories.
3) With pictures and papers - take along a scanner to one of those mom craft parties, and scan things in as you talk to people.
Make nice skinny thin picture books out of this and put on bookshelf.
4)  Get rid of all books that you know you are not going to read again or reference.  There is always the public library, interlibrary loan, and Kindle.
5) Anything "collectible" - is it really worth the space?  that space is valuable - is the collectible?
6) Go to mom swaps or post stuff on trade facebook groups.  Get things you really need.
7) Sell stuff in lots or bags on Craigs list, then go to the Thrift/Resale store to get clothes that actually fit or you would really wear.
8)  Get rid of clothes in your closet that you are not wearing.  You'll want to buy new stuff at stores if you change sizes anyway.  For every 2 pieces of clothing you buy, get rid of at least one old piece.
9) Things in boxes that are "pretty" - either put them out to be seen, or sell it.
10) Don't buy stuff that you will need in 5 years, even if its "awesome," or a "Great Deal!"  In five years, you won't have all the baby stuff anymore, and you will have room to then buy other "awesome" age appropriate things.
10) Re-purpose things - think of it in a new way.  I placed the pretty baby changing table next to the front door with baskets and boxes - to be a catchall for mail, keys, purses, umbrellas, and shoes.
11)  Kids need blocks, books, puzzles, instruments, crayons, bikes - cars/trains or dolls/kitchen - everything else is negotiable.
12) If you have nice suits, and that is not your life anymore, then keep 3 of your favorites, and either sell the rest, or donate to one of those groups that help moms have suits for job interviews.
13) If its hard, go slowly.  Take a bag a week to your favorite donation store.
14) I've been able to let go of a lot of stuff now that I am gluten free - gluten is a neurotoxin, and it really affected my mind.  It was harder to let things go.  Its a lot easier now.

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