Friday, November 14, 2014

Modesty Travails

I'm more of a "let a girl wear whatever she feels comfortable wearing" kind of gal. same goes for breastfeeding cover/no cover. basically, that no one should force a woman to wear anything that she doesn't feel comfortable or not herself in. And so much of what is discussed too has major exceptions to every rule. Fingertip length is a ridiculous standard, as some girls have short arms, and some girls have very long arms. Some girls are so curvy that no matter what they wear they look luscious. ( ) Every double D girl knows that a shirt that completely covers the boobs make them look twice as big. Modesty is like this perfect twiggy type stereotype that is never really achieved. And so many men have so many different fetishes that it is ridiculous to try to do anything about that.A girl/woman should basically be confident enough in what she is wearing so that she is NOT thinking about whatever other people are thinking about what she is wearing. Cause that's a rabbit hole that never ends.Sure there are horrible predator type men out there - lots of them - but should we insist on letting the bad guys win? of allowing them to dictate to women what they should or should not wear? its a slippery slope.And of course, the opinion of modesty in accordance to dress is legalism in any which way you put it. The modesty verses in the Bible are specifically talking about ostentatiousness. In other words, don't walk by the beggar on the way to church in a 2 thousand dollar suit and 5 thousand dollar purse and then look the other way. And the specific verses of Paul about jewelry and such are specifically talking about the prostitutes of the temples of goddesses who "men go to worship" - in other words, to show that Christianity is not the same religion as the others at the time. Anyway, this is just a subject that I have been delving into the last couple of years as it was brought to my attention. This article was the first of many that I have read, and made me start thinking.
As far as schools go though I'm all for letting them all wear the same uniform (both boys and girls) with no dresses allowed. Why should girls get to wear dresses if boys don't? Makes no sense to me. And yes, I've taught in schools with uniforms and without uniforms, and hands down, uniform is better. Enough research shows that. Its one of the reasons why I homeschool - schools are all for making everyone think, look, and act the same. School is their job. Many jobs require a type of uniform dress. Might as well dress the part. Nothing to do with sexual modesty though (school girl uniforms are the utmost in sexual ideas) - except more to do with the ostentatiousness of modesty. harder to wear abercrombie if you are in uniform.

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