Monday, December 15, 2014

Gentle Media / TV shows for Gentle Children

We have a kind, gentle child that does not like to watch violence on TV.
Here are some videos that I highly recommend for your gentle child.

Maisy (social skills/kindness to others),  Maisy on Amazon
Little mammoth media videos (The Big Aquarium, Big Train Trip, etc),
Little Mammoth Media on Amazon
Mighty Machines (transportation), Mighty Machines on Amazon
Mister Rogers ( many seasons on Amazon prime - social skills, overcoming fears, kindness, and how things are made), Mister Rogers on Amazon
Between the Lions (reading skills, and a positive attitude towards reading (as a former reading specialist, its all about the Attitude towards reading for a lot of kids), Between The Lions on Amazon
Justin Time (for imagination),  Justin Time on Amazon
Noodle and Doodle (for crafts),  Noodle and Doodle on Amazon
The Chica Show (for imagination and social skills), The Chica Show on Amazon
Bear in the Big Blue House (its like a muppet Mr. Rogers, kindness and social skills, life skills),  Bear in the Big Blue House on Amazon
Play School on Youtube (its an Australian show that I WISH I had more episodes to, wish they would produce the same, or show it over here, its awesome - teaches kids how to play, use their imaginations),
Mustard Pancakes (social skills and geography),  Mustard Pancakes on Amazon
Blues Clues (thinking skills), Blues Clues on Amazon
Busytown Mysteries (thinking skills), Busytown Mysteries on Amazon
Little People (kindness, social skills), Fisher Price Little People on Amazon
Sid the Science Kid (science), Sid the Science Kid on Amazon
Magic School Bus (science), Magic School Bus on Amazon
Wishbone (english literature, imagination, for older kids), Wishbone on Amazon
Rusty and Rosy ABC video (I have yet to know any kid that didn't learn his/her letters after viewing that video a few times),Rusty and Rosy on Amazon
Word World (reading, letters),Word World on Amazon
Signing Times (american sign language) Signing Times on Amazon and
Wonder Pets (because they like to help others, and they are written very well).
A lot of videos can be found at your local library, Amazon instant viewing, or other places/videos on the internet.  Wonder Pets on Amazon

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