Friday, November 16, 2007

Above Rubies Retreat

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Last weekend I went to an Above Rubies retreat in Arkansas. It was a beautiful time of the year, and I was able to take tons of pictures of autumn. As well as people pictures, of course!
A bit about the conference:
There were 79 ladies there, 59 of which had never been to an Above Rubies retreat.
One lady came all the way from Nigeria!
Others came from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and even Illinois! And of course, Arkansas!
We stayed at the 4H Conference Center in hotel-style rooms next to this gorgeous pond, surrounded by woods.
The meetings and fellowship times were wonderful and rewarding. Its always great to hear Nancy Campbell - she's a very dynamic speaker.
Her daughters, Pearl and Serene (of the christian band Considering Lily) sang along with Pearl's daughter Meadow (11) who has a pure, sweet voice.
They just came out with a lullaby album that is too precious for words.
Everything was beautiful, and incredibly relaxing to all the mothers.
I went for a long walk on Saturday afternoon, praying to the Lord, and taking lots of pictures.
I highly encourage you to participate next year, or find an Above Rubies retreat near you!

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Kathy said...

Awesome pictures, Melissa!!! Wasn't that a wonderful weekend!! I'm still floating.....

In HIS loving and awesome grip,

Kathy G. BRIDE to my BELOVED husband Don, mommy to ten blessings ages 19 down to 3.5 weeks old and also our two babies in heaven.