Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Black Friday 2007

Ok, for me, Black Friday has always been one of my favorite shopping days of the year. I love the excitement of getting up early and shopping amidst the crowds. And no, I'm not being facetious or sarcastic, I really do love it. On Thanksgiving afternoon, while the boys watch football, my mom, my sister and I look through all the ads. This year, though, we are doing the three in one day (heartfelt sigh) Thanksgiving so I thought I would look up the ads early. So here are some of the more interesting Black Friday ads.

Black Friday Websites:

w/adscans: http://bfads.net/adscans


Best Buy Weblink

Best Buy is one of those where you have to be there before 7 or you will be in a really long line. I've only gone to Best Buy once (there were four items that I wanted, so it was worth it) and stood in line for an hour and a half. Which was actually sorta fun - I talked to all the other people in line! After noon, however, then there are no lines, and they often still have the non-doorbusters in stock. I think they also restock before evening - I have picked up an item there at 9 pm on Black Friday before.

Office Depot Weblink

I'm sorry, but Office Depot has been plagued the last few years with a really bad Thanksgiving ad, plus the rebate disease. This is most likely the reason why they are never busy on Thanksgiving - you can pop in and out quickly at this store. At least, I have for the last four years. There are a few deals on the back of the ad you might want to check out.

Office Max
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This was a bit disappointing for me - last year they had a ton of stuff! And last year, they were cured of the rebate disease - but this year, it looks like they caught it again! A nice idea - DVD storage tower - $25. They also have the Galaxy audio storage tower for $40 - we got this two years ago to hold our cable box, Tivo, DVD player and VCR. Its wonderful!


I do like Target. :) I usually buy a blanket every Black Friday from Target for around $20 - you can never have too many blankets.


Hmmmm, this year they have a 4 Gb Flash Drive for $18 - the same one is at Best Buy (but their Black Friday special for it is $28) so that is a super deal. And a Notebook cooling fan for $10. Looks like it might be worth going to Staples this year......

So check out the Black Friday ads (some stuff you can even buy online). And tell me some of your great finds/buys!

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