Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Wise is anti-Christian

Been reading all about Babywise philosophies - what is so sad is that so many churches have embraced this insane program. Basically, it is medically unsound and has led to so many babies to the hospital for failure to thrive, following the program dries up a mother's milk within a few weeks, and most of all, the program alienates the babies from their parents.

American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a warning against Babywise stating that following such a program leads to babies failing to thrive and dying.

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Babywise: From what I've read, the author's (Ezzo) children supposedly no longer speak to them, they have been kicked out of two churches, many lawsuits have been filed, Focus on the Family rails against them - and yet this program is still around - and worst of all is being touted as "christian" -Jesus would have died if Mary had followed the Baby wise program.....please spread the word against this program....

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erinmidwife said...

Enjoying your blog!

Thanks for posting about this subject. This book and the approach espoused is nothing short of violence against babies. I have seen it damage many mother-baby relationships and that trust is so, so hard to reestablish once the baby has shut down emotionally, psychologically (and sometimes physically). Abandoning our babies' needs IS very un-Christian, you are right. It is also simply inhumane.