Friday, February 5, 2010

My Vitamin Supplements while breastfeeding

I try to take certain pills together.
In the morning:
Nature's Plus Source of Life Prenatals - whole food based - and you only have to take 2 pills a day!

Omega 3's from several sources -
Country Life Omega 3 fish oil pills 2,000 mg
Christopher Eggs from Krogers - 660 mg per egg
Krill oil pill - 1,000 mg
Flax Seed
Enjoy Life brand Crunchy Flax cereal (sprinkled on top of salads and cereals) - 425 mg per serving

NOW brand of Vitamin D - 1,000 mg

In the afternoon:
Garden of Life Probiotic - 1 pill
Chlorophyll - 1 pill
Spirulina - 1 pill
This combination really helps with "being regular" and "soft stools".

In the evening:
NOW brand of Calcium/Magnesium - 1,000 mg - these are softgels and much easier to swallow
NOW brand of Vitamin D - 1,000 mg
Nature's Plus Super Fruit - 1 pill

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