Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Basic Advice for New Mothers

Since all babies are different, as a new mother of a high needs, high touch, colicky baby, here's my advice to all mothers:

1) Watch the video or youtube The Happiest Baby on the Block dvd - great methods of getting a screaming baby to be quiet fast!
2) If you have a high needs baby, get a swing fast! My baby can't sleep more than 20 minutes on a solid surface, but can sleep hours in a swing.
3) Breastfeeding is not easy, its a learned skill. Read at least two books on the subject, and get to a La Leche meeting or get a lactation consultant if you are having any problems.
4) Di Gize oil is great for a colicky baby, and worth the money. Works much better than Mylicon. In my experience, in the midst of a colic attack, the baby will actually feed about 30 minutes after application.
5) Breastmilk needs to be full of long-chain fatty acids, so eat plenty of them, and take a fish oil supplement. What you eat can affect your baby. I have to cut out all dairy, wheat, onion, caffeine,etc. Supposedly I can add stuff back in around 18 weeks.  Check out my Breastfeeding Diet and Recipes for Mothers blog post for more information.
6) Fenugreek pills really do work for milk supply.
7) I recommend browsing for breastfeeding, and for everything else

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